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June 05, 2023

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day, an initiative of the United Nations Environment Program to raise awareness about environmental challenges and encourage positive actions to improve environmental outcomes.

Sandfire is committed to safeguarding the environment and implements extensive programs to identify and minimise impacts at all of our operating sites.

For our team at the MATSA Copper Operations, the drive to minimise impacts has led to innovations in water management that are critical for the sustainable operation of our mines. There are several projects in progress to maximise water recirculation within the processing plant including the Mining Water Living Lab Project.

The Mining Water Living Lab Project will maximise on-site water recirculation and minimise offsite discharge by recovering up to 90% of wastewater for subsequent reuse. The project utilises renewable (solar) energy, to reduce its carbon footprint and minimise operating cost.

Team MATSA is also collaborating with Babel Nature, a local ecotourism and environmental education group to run workshops and informative talks at local schools, on the importance of protecting our environment and conserving water resources. The goal is to spread awareness and inspire the next generation to take action towards a sustainable future.

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