ESG Framework


We are committed to demonstrating water stewardship throughout the mining lifecycle, treating water as a precious resource, and taking a catchment-based approach to managing surface and groundwater at all of our assets.

We manage water resources collaboratively with host communities, identifying risk and managing impacts to ensure our neighbours and stakeholders benefit from a sustainable water supply. We recognise that global water supply and predictability of precipitation patterns will be impacted by climate change in the future and address these issues in our climate change risk assessments.

Our approach to managing water is governed by our Environmental Policy, which describes the need to assess water requirements and scarcity in our operating environments, seek water efficiency opportunities, and implement robust systems to ensure water is used responsibly and usage is accounted for.

Water 5 Year Goals 

Drive continual improvement in water use efficiency at all operations.

Global Milestones 

  • A documented water accounting framework is implemented at each asset.
  • Set public, site specific water management targets for each asset.
  • Incorporate water efficiency and reuse / recycling metrics at each asset.
  • Establish programs to improve water use efficiency at each asset.
Establish a global water stewardship framework accounting for site operational contexts and implement across all operations

Global Milestones 

  • Site specific Water Management Plans incorporate requirements and risks relevant to communities and catchments.
  • Develop community engagement programs on all aspects of water use, demand, emissions, and management.
  • Develop programs to use excess water for community benefit or return to aquifers where other beneficial use is not viable.
How we manage water

Potential and actual impacts to surface and ground water are managed in accordance with local regulatory requirements, commitments to local communities and our internal Water Standard and associated guidance notes. Our Water Standard requires a holistic view of water outcomes that address social and cultural as well as environmental impacts. Consistent engagement with local communities, in addition to conducting monitoring, technology trials and scientific test work, helps to drive our management of water impacts beyond regulatory compliance requirements.

Each of our assets is located in areas with unique climate and water challenges requiring a context specific approach to identification and management of impacts. Context specific considerations are summarised in our Sustainability Reports.

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