ESG Framework


We are committed to demonstrating environmental stewardship in all our business activities, including the way we identify, assess and manage our impact on biodiversity.
Our Biodiversity ESG pillar sets ambitious five-year goals and milestones with a focus on completing baseline surveys and biodiversity action plans. Detailed Biodiversity Action Plans will assist us in demonstrating no net loss of key biodiversity values at legacy sites and a net biodiversity gain at greenfield sites.

Biodiversity 5 Year Goals

Demonstrate: No net loss of key biodiversity values at legacy assets and a net gain in key biodiversity values at greenfield sites.
Global Milestones

  • Biodiversity baselines established and key biodiversity values identified for each site.
  • Assets commence publication of key biodiversity values.
  • Each asset to have a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) in place to manage impacts to key biodiversity values.
  • Demonstrate progress against each asset’s BAP.
Pursue alignment with an appropriate global biodiversity disclosure framework.
Global Milestones

  • Conduct gap analysis against available and relevant frameworks.
  • Demonstrate progressive alignment with selected frameworks.
Drive adoption of digital solutions for collecting and sharing of biodiversity data with research institutions, governments, and NGOs where beneficial conservation outcomes are identified.
Global Milestones

  • All assets have a plan for managing digital biodiversity data.
  • Demonstrated use of digital data sharing external to Sandfire.

Our approach to biodiversity is governed by our Environmental Policy. Our Biodiversity Standard specifies a consistent approach to identifying and managing biodiversity risk and impacts across our assets. We integrate biodiversity management from project pre-feasibility through to mine closure and in FY23 we committed to ambitious biodiversity goals to ensure we contribute to positive biodiversity outcomes across our operations.

When species or habitats of significance are encountered, management controls are applied in accordance with the level of conservation significance. We partner with subject matter experts including specialist ecologists where required, to achieve our biodiversity goals and milestones.

For more information see our Sustainability Reports.


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