About Sandfire

Our Purpose

This new, shared purpose reflects the transition of our business into a global copper producer of significance and provides clear direction for our people, motivation, and alignment toward the pursuit of a common goal. 

We mine copper sustainably to energise the future.

As a purpose-led organisation

We bring our people, communities and other stakeholders together to make a positive long-term, sustainable contribution and have a lasting social impact.

We mine with an unwavering focus on safety and are proud of our capability in the mining and processing of minerals.

To us, safety goes beyond the safe operation of our assets. It means prioritising the safety of our people and protecting the environment at all times.

We are excited to play our part in meeting the world’s demand for copper and other critical metals.

Copper is an essential metal powering the global economy, vital to the construction and industrial sectors, and increasingly important if we are to meet the world’s decarbonisation imperative.

We sustainably operate our business to create a better future for our people and host communities, protect the environment in which we operate and generate long-term value for our stakeholders.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business and part of every decision we make. We believe that non-financial performance is connected to long-term value creation.

We operate our business understanding trust is earned by demonstrating genuine commitment and action.

Our people are unwavering in their commitment to energise communities, business and industry by creating positive socioeconomic benefits.

And through this commitment, we help power the global transition to a low-carbon, net zero future.

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Our Values

Our Strategy

Sandfire is a sustainable mining company transforming into a global copper producer of significance

About Sandfire

Sandfire Resources is one of the largest copper-focused companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Where We Operate

Our operations extend across Australia, Botswana, Spain and the USA.


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