Our Strategy

Sandfire’s sustainability strategy supports the Company’s purpose of ‘Creating Value through Opportunity’.

We believe that non-financial performance is connected to long term value creation and that this is best affected when sustainability is embedded throughout our business.

We have articulated six strategic priorities in how we operate. These ensure that we are well placed to continue to build strong, lasting relationships with stakeholders, deliver on our commitments, develop resources responsibly, and drive innovation in our people and industry — all key for creating long-term growth and value.


Collaborate with our stakeholders to generate enduring socio-economic development where we are present.

business practices

Champion responsible business practices everywhere we do business.

Promote workforce

Our people live in communities and they have a right to go home safe and healthy and with a sense of fulfillment.


Manage water as a precious shared resource taking a water catchment-based approach.

Embracing a low
emission future

Embrace opportunity in the transition to a low emission economy across Sandfire’s entire value chain.


Standardise Sandfire’s management of ESG across all operations.


Sandfire is committed to collaborating with its stakeholders to deliver a lasting, positive contribution to the communities where we operate. 

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Our commitment to achieving superior health and safety performance and investing in health and safety management is at the forefront of our business values and strategies.


Sandfire is committed to demonstrating environmental stewardship in all its business activities from exploration through to site closure and rehabilitation.

Climate Change

Sandfire recognises that climate change is a shared global challenge that requires collective action between business, government, and society.

Human Rights

Sandfire is committed to upholding the fundamental human rights of our employees, the communities in which we operate, those within our supply chains and other stakeholders who may be impacted by our business activities.

About Sandfire

Sandfire Resources is an international and diversified sustainable mining company which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Where We Operate

Our operations extend across Australia, Botswana, Spain and the USA.


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Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Mental Health

Covid-19 Response

Climate Change

Renewable Energy


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