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Our Approach

In FY2023 and across FY2024 we are establishing the foundations to deliver safe, consistent and predictable long term performance at our MATSA operations in the Iberian Pyrite Belt and Motheo operations in the Kalahari Copper Belt.

In April 2023, we welcomed experienced mining executive Brendan Harris to lead the team as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

Following Brendan’s appointment, the Board and Executive Leadership Team have refined our purpose and strategy to power our transformation into one of the largest copper-focused miners on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), producing the critical metals required to achieve our low-carbon future.

Our approach brings together our new purpose and refined strategy, which is underpinned by our ESG framework, our values and way of working – The Sandfire Way – which frames everything we do and every decision we make.

We mine copper sustainably to energise the future.

The Sandfire Way

Our Purpose

Our Values

Our Strategy

By living our values, we are proud to have created a psychologically and physically safe, diverse and inclusive business that focusses on simplicity and accountability. 

To ensure our people and business overall are set up for future success, we have refreshed our operating model, rhythms and routines, and we refer to this new way of working as The Sandfire Way.  

Underpinned by our values, The Sandfire Way is a simple, clear operating model that ensures our team members understand their accountabilities and have the right structures, systems and processes available to support them.

We believe our inclusive, empowered and accountable workforce will be a key enabler of our strategy when our people are equipped to make the right decisions, in the right place at the right time.

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Our Purpose

Our Values

Our Strategy

About Sandfire

Sandfire Resources is one of the largest copper-focused companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

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Our operations extend across Australia, Botswana, Spain and the USA.


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