ESG Framework


We recognise our long-term success depends on sustainable relationships founded on our values with host communities and related stakeholders.

We aim to secure broad based support from our communities by understanding local community requirements, including cultural perspectives, and ensuring stakeholders are appropriately informed and engaged on the decisions that impact them. We recognise and respect the cultures, customs, lifestyles, and cultural heritage of our host communities.

The presence of mining can provide significant economic benefits to the community through local procurement, employment, payment of royalties and taxes to the government, infrastructure investment and community development programs. We recognise that mining can also be associated with adverse socio-economic, cultural, health and human rights impacts on nearby communities.  Each of our assets work in partnership with their local communities to mitigate adverse impacts and maximise positive results, ensuring host communities benefit from our presence.

We understand that community expectations are evolving, and we have committed, through our ESG Goals, to embed social dimensions into our decision-making processes.

Communities 5 Year Goals

Collaborate with host communities to generate enduring socio-economic benefit, beyond the life of our mines.

Global Milestones

  •  Targets in place at each asset to increase local employment and development of skills and capabilities.
  • Programs in place demonstrate the growth of sustainable income sources independent of mining.
Support the development of thriving communities by partnering to provide sustainable social, economic, and environmental benefit.

Global Milestones

  • Community investment plans are developed at each asset through external consultation, identifying community needs and reflecting their aspirations.
  • Long-term multi-stakeholder programs developed to address community needs and align with Sandfire ESG pillars and our priority UNSDGs.
  • Participatory monitoring and reporting programs are in place that demonstrate social, economic, and environmental benefits.
Build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous, Land Connected and Tribal Peoples across our value chain to deliver positive economic, social, and cultural outcomes.

Global Milestones:

  • Strengthen processes to identify and address the needs of Indigenous, Land connected and Tribal Peoples, ensuring their participation in decisions affecting them in alignment with global best practice.
  • Representation of Indigenous, Land Connected and Tribal Peoples across Sandfire’s value chain reflects the composition of host communities.
Secure ongoing broad-based support from our host communities.

Global Milestones:

  • Strengthen and embed a Stakeholder Engagement Standard and a Social Impact Assessment Standard globally.
  • Embed social dimensions into priority decision making processes.

Each of our assets has strong community relations teams responsible for community engagement, implementing community development programs and negotiating land access agreements.  All our assets develop, implement, monitor, and report on their stakeholder engagement plans in accordance with our Stakeholder Engagement Standard.

For more information see our Sustainability Reports.

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