Sandfire is committed to collaborating with its stakeholders to deliver a lasting, positive contribution to the communities where we operate. We contribute to the economic development and social wellbeing of our local communities through job creation, procuring local goods and services, community investments, and paying taxes and royalties. We seek to create effective relationships to ensure that our activities meet the interests of our stakeholders whilst aligning with our business goals.

Stakeholders are the individuals and groups who have an interest in our business, are able to influence our operations, or are impacted by our activities. They include, but are not limited to, employees, contractors, government and regulators, local members of community, suppliers, and investors. We communicate with our stakeholders through the Annual and Sustainability Report, our website, social media, one-on-one engagement, grievance mechanisms, as well as surveys and exhibitions. 

Sandfire supports socio-economic development by:

  • Championing local participation in our workforce,
  • Investing in local content, capacity building and job creation,
  • Developing strategies that identify synergies between local development priorities and our business objectives to create shared value, and
  • Fostering relationships and building trust with stakeholders through transparency and fairness.

Our approach is governed by our Community Policy and HSEC Management System which sets out our commitment to delivering a lasting, positive contribution to the communities where we operate. We recognise community’s endorsement of our activities is fundamental to the success of our business.

For more information see our Annual and Sustainability Reports.

Community Investment

Sandfire is committed to developing multi-stakeholder partnerships to help deliver sustainable community programs.

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Grant Programs

Sandfire provides opportunities to individuals seeking further education in the mining industry.

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Local Content

Sandfire recognises we can make a contribution to economic development through the procurement of local goods and services.

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