We understand that a community's acceptance can be withdrawn at any time and we are invested in making a positive impact though our operations and subscribing to a high level of ethics and governance in everything we do.

Stakeholder Engagement

We are committed to early, active and continuous engagement. We rely on strong and open dialogue with our stakeholders to access resources, obtain and maintain our regulatory and social licence to operate, as well as deliver benefit to our communities.

Our stakeholders are those people or organisations who are directly or indirectly affected by, or have an interest in, our business. We prioritise stakeholders based on their ability to impact our business and our ability to impact their lives or activities. Significant stakeholders are our employees, local communities, native title claimant groups, suppliers, contractors, shareholders governments, NGOs and investor bodies.

View Sandfire's Stakeholder Groups and Engagement Mechanism.

Community Investments and Partnerships

We contribute to communities through sponsorships and in-kind donations. Our Donations, Sponsorship and Partnership Guidelines outline our approach to community investment.

Our preference is to support programs that have benefits in our host communities that will last after our operations have ceased and that will not create a legacy of dependency.

Sandfire contributes to a wide range of community-based organisations and charities. View the recipients of our FY2019 donations and sponsorships.