Tailings Management

Sandfire shares the International Council of Mining and Metals vision for hte safe management of tailings facilities, towards the goal of zero harm. 

Sandfire supports the intent of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management and is committed to adopting the standard at all its current and future operations. We expect to be in full alignment with the standard by 2026.

Sandfire intends to manage waste products responsibly to protect the environment and society from the adverse impacts of our activities. Mining and processing ore generates a variety of waste by-products including waste rock, tailings, and hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Tailings and waste rock contribute to almost half of waste produced through the mining process. Tailings are a slurry like material which consist of powdered rock and water. This is the leftover material from the process of extracting minerals from ore. These are produced throughout the life of mine and are mixed with a cement and used as paste backfill underground or stored in surface disposal at the tailings storage facility (TSF).

We endeavour to manage waste in a way that effectively mitigates environmental, public health and safety, and community impacts while maximising outputs from our mining operations.

Our approach is governed by our Environmental Policy, Tailings Management Standard, Waste Standard, Waste Rock Standard and Hazardous Materials Management Standard. Our Environmental Policy outlines our commitment responsibly managing all waste generation, and pollution that may occur as a result of our operations. 

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