We recognise we are a part of a global community. As part of this community we are committed to operating our business responsibly and contributing to the global pursuit of sustainability. We do this by ensuring our people are safe and well supported, local communities benefit from our presence, being open and transparent with our stakeholders and minimising impacts to the environment.

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Sustainability reporting

We are committed to open and transparent communication. We believe comprehensive and credible sustainability reporting is essential for building trust with our stakeholders. Our reporting demonstrates how we respond to sustainability challenges and opportunities, manage our social and environmental impacts and create value for our stakeholders.

We report annually on our sustainability information in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI). The GRI Standards is the most widely used sustainability reporting framework in the world.

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Sustainability strategy

In 2017 we developed a sustainability strategy to guide Sandfire through the period 2017-2021 and affirm our position on responsible business.

The goal for our sustainability initiatives is to achieve high standards in safety, environmental management, productivity, governance and transparency while delivering positive outcomes for society.

We identified four focus areas for our strategy: Operating responsibly, Supporting economic development, Building a safe and supportive workforce and Respect and accountability

Focus areas

Operating responsibly

We will undertake our work in a manner that respects and supports people and the environment by minimising negative impacts and supporting positive outcomes.

This area encompasses compliance and management systems relating to water, waste, carbon emissions management and biodiversity protection. It includes responsible behaviour in all activities from exploration and project development through to mine closure. It also encourages us to focus our attention to those areas outside our direct control such as an ethical supply chain and understanding the impacts of transport, processing and smelting.

Our goals are to:

  • manage performance at or above compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • responsibly manage water
  • manage mineral and non-nineral waste to minimise negative impacts
  • engage local communities in mine closure planning
  • ensure responsible stewardship of land used for operations and exploration, with closure and rehabilitation objectives in place
  • identify and measure our carbon footprint and emissions efficiency.

Supporting economic development

We acknowledge that our success supports the economic empowerment of individuals and communities. We aim to maximise the benefits and minimise any negative impacts of our economic influence.

This focus area includes how Sandfire facilitates regional economic development through local procurement and employment. It also encompasses how we respect and engage with local communities where we operate, aspects of mine closure planning, and our social and community investment.

Our goals are to:

  • ensure communities in the region of our operations have opportunities to benefit economically from our activities
  • develop a local workforce capacity where possible
  • preference local workers for jobs at all Sandfire operations where skills are available
  • support Indigenous employment at our operations
  • engage local communities to understand their community priorities
  • address community needs for support
  • direct local community support to sustainable programs that can endure post operations
  • provide avenues for local business to supply to Sandfire

Building a safe and supportive workforce

We place the highest emphasis on providing a safe and inclusive workplace. We aim to enable all employees to develop the skills they need to reach their potential in our organisation.

Safety is fundamental to our business Topics covered under this focus area include occupational health and safety and employee wellbeing, anti-discrimination and commitment to diversity. Also covered are inclusion, training and development and ethical workplace practices.

Our goals are to:

  • ensure our people always go home safely to their loved ones
  • continuously improve our safety performance inspire our employees to give their best each day and have a sense of wellbeing and belonging
  • invest in the growth and development of our people
  • be an employer of choice
  • prevent any form of discrimination at work have a diverse and inclusive workplace maintain ethical workplace practices

Respect and accountability

We will engage respectfully with our stakeholders, behave ethically and with integrity at all times in our work and meet stakeholder expectations for accountability and transparency

This focus area includes our commitments to respect and engage with our stakeholders, to good governance, risk identification and management, transparency and communication, anti-corruption and our contribution to governments and public debate.

Our goals are to:

  • maintain our social licence to operate
  • ensure our code of conduct is well understood and followed by all who work with us
  • effectively identify and manage risk including climate change risk
  • communicate with all stakeholders in an open and transparent manner
  • listen and be responsive to our stakeholders
  • be transparent in our contributions to governments by reporting on taxes and royalties paid and being open about our engagement with public policy
  • ensure we have strong governance systems to avoid corruption in the first instance, but also to identify and remedy if necessary.


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