Human Rights

Human Rights

Our commitment to respecting human rights means that we abide by applicable laws and regulations and aim to address human rights risk where we operate.

As we expand our business globally, we recognise that this has the potential to expose us to a heightened level of human rights and modern slavery risks. The human rights most relevant for our operations are related to workplace safety, labour conditions, and the rights of native title groups and communities where we have an impact.

Our commitment to address modern slavery is embedded in our sustainability strategy, with one of the strategic objectives of that strategy being to champion responsible business practices where we operate.
We have a role to play in contributing to global sustainable development and are committed to conducting our business responsibly, from exploration through to mine closure. 

We welcomed the introduction of the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act 2018 and have undertaken a program of work to assess and address the risk of modern slavery in our operations and global supply chain. Our approach includes conducting risk assessments, updating relevant policies and procedures, engaging with suppliers and reporting on our progress through annual modern slavery statements and providing relevant training to our employees.

We released a voluntary modern slavery statement for FY2019 and have now released a first modern slavery statement for FY2020, in line with mandatory reporting under the Modern Slavery Act.

View our Modern Slavery Statements: 

FY2019 Modern Slavery Statement (voluntary) 

FY2020 Modern Slavery Statement