Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

Sandfire believes that the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees positively contributes to our organisational culture and the strategic outcomes of the business. We believe that striving for diverse and inclusive workforce will:

  • broaden the pool of high-quality employees
  • support employee retention
  • enhance our organisational culture
  • create personal and professional opportunities
  • encourage greater innovation and enhance work practices and productivity
  • support an aligned and engaged workforce
  • enable a sense of pride and belonging.

The Diversity and Inclusion Policy details how we achieve our commitment to create a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Sandfire endeavours to foster a diverse workforce through our recruitment practices, employee programs and flexible work arrangements. We deliver on our diversity objectives by:

  • Recruiting based on alignment to Sandfire’s values, merit, skills and qualifications;
  • Developing appropriate leadership, talent management, training and mentoring programs to assist in achieving a broader and more diverse pool of employees; and
  • Supporting our people to balance their career and commitments outside of work and to promote work flexibility consistent with business success.

We report our progress on diversity objectives and diversity metrics to stakeholders via our Annual and Sustainability Reports, Corporate Governance Statement and the Workplace Gender Equality Report.