Energy and Emissions

Energy and Emissions

Mining is an energy intensive industry. In total, the industry accounts for approximately 10 percent of Australia’s energy consumption. We use large volumes of diesel in underground operations and processing. Further downstream processing of copper concentrate through smelters and refineries also has high energy requirements. Over the years, we have sought to reduce energy use and carbon emissions in line with community expectations and operational targets, ultimately aiming to lower our impact on the environment.

Our approach centres on integrating renewable energy, identifying opportunities to reduce energy use and using energy as efficiently as possible. The keystone initiative of our emissions reduction efforts is the DeGrussa Solar Project, commissioned in 2016. As at 30 June 2019, the solar facility has saved 33,421 tonnes of CO2-e. Read more about the solar facility here.

In 2019 we set a target to achieve an eight percent reduction in emissions intensity, measured as CO2-e per tonne of copper produced, by FY2022 using FY2019 as a baseline. We monitor our progress towards this goal on a quarterly basis.

We publicly report on our operational emissions and initiatives to manage energy responsibly through our annual Sustainability Report and National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting obligation.

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