Community Investment

Community Investment

Strategic investment in community projects that deliver short and long term social and economic benefits is one of the most direct ways Sandfire can support communities near its operations.

While meaningful positive impacts can be made, there are a number of risks associated with donations and sponsorships. These include the creation of conflict between community organisations, supporting projects that have no impact and creating dependency.

These guidelines provide a framework for decision making that promotes sustainable impact and helps safeguards against risks.

Sandfire contributes to a wide range of community-based organisations and charities. View the recipients of our FY2019 donations and sponsorships.

Types of community contributions

There are four avenues through which Sandfire contributes to communities:

  • Partnerships – these are multi-year strategic initiatives designed to address core community needs. Partnerships are formalised agreements where each party has responsibilities.
  • Sponsorships – these are funding arrangements where Sandfire receives promotional benefits such as advertising at events in exchange for financial support.
  • Donations – these are one off or recurring payments. Sandfire does not expect anything in return for these contributions.
  • In-kind donations – these are non-monetary contributions such as skilled or unskilled volunteer support, provision of flights or use of equipment.

Focus areas

Sandfire will prioritise funding requests that can demonstrate long-term benefits to communities near its operations.
Sandfire's focus areas are:

  • Education - programs that support childhood, youth and adult education.
  • Health and wellbeing - programs that support physical and mental health, and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Environmental stewardship - programs that protect or rehabilitate the environment.
  • Industry - programs that promote STEM education and pathways into the mining industry.
  • Community development – programs that support economic development, community cohesion, arts and culture.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for support from Sandfire Resources, the request for funding must:

  • Align with at least one of Sandfire’s Focus Areas
  • Demonstrate community support
  • Be local to Sandfire areas of business
  • Align with Sandfire’s values
  • For multi-year partnerships, demonstrate alternative avenues to funding
  • Be able to provide financial records if requested
  • Preferably create long term benefits for the community
  • Preferably allow for Sandfire people to participate


  • Activities that conflict with Sandfire’s values or Code of Conduct
  • Programs in communities where Sandfire does not have a presence
  • Programs that duplicate services already within the community
  • Programs that are traditionally the role of government
  • Organisations or activities that promote alcohol, smoking, substance abuse or gambling
  • Religious organisations
  • Political parties
  • Commercial or advertising requests
  • Applications that solely benefit individuals
  • Applications owned by private and public companies or individuals with the intention of making profit
  • Individual requests to cover travel, academic studies, raising funds on behalf of charities or other organisations
  • Wages and payments to individuals

Application process

All applications must be submitted via Sandfire’s online Donations, Sponsorship and Partnership application form. Applicants should submit their request at least two months before funding is required.

Request will be assessed at the start of each month by Sandfire’s donations and sponsorship committee and a response will be provided by email. A decision will be provided within 30 days of the receipt of the request. All decisions made by the committee are final.

If the request is for a partnership arrangement, Sandfire may require additional evidence to inform its decision. This may be sought through face to face meetings and by requesting feedback from community.

Sandfire's community partners may also request volunteer assistance via our Volunteer Request Form.


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