Switch onto Work

Switch onto Work

While assembling statistics to highlight safety incidents in the lead up to the extended holiday period in December, we identified that January typically had more safety related incidents than other times of the year. This led us to believe the spike in incidents in January was caused by a lack of focus when people returned to work from annual leave.

The Switch on to Work program was designed to engage work groups in discussion around January incidents that occurred in past years. Essentially, to focus teams on being back at work with the aim of preventing reoccurrences.

On return to site in January, every employee was presented with a “Switch on to Work” flyer asking the question - Where’s your head at? This outlined the campaign and prior January statistics.

Every day in January, area supervisors read out a song quiz at the start of each shift. The quiz answers all contained a twist where the song title was linked to a safety related concept. Supervisors also read out a list of “on this date” incidents for discussion. To round out the campaign we placed banners with different injury statistics at entry points to work stations. These were rotated throughout the month.

While the results cannot be definitively attributed to these initiatives, there was a notable reduction in injuries. Compared with the previous three year average of January injuries, we achieved a 47 per cent reduction.

Along with improved safety performance, we received positive feedback from the workforce. Work groups enjoyed the engaging nature of the campaign and endorsed the initiative as a good way to get people thinking about safety after returning from holidays.


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