Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose: Creating value through opportunity

Creating value through opportunity captures the essence of Sandfire’s journey to date as well as our aspiration into the future. We will continue to create value through opportunity for:

  • our employees
  • the communities in which we operate
  • our customers
  • our shareholders
  • our suppliers and partners
  • innovation across industry

Our Vision

To build an international diversified and sustainable mining company.

Our Strategy

With a strong operational base and a clear strategy to grow, our key growth objective is to transition from a single-mine company into an international, multi-asset base and precious metals producer. In pursuit of these objectives, Sandfire is focused on the following five key elements of its strategic plan.

Our Values

Our values are essential to our success. They tell a story that is important to us and are designed to guide all who work with us in their day-to-day dealings with each other.