Donations, Sponsorship and Partnership Policy

Sandfire Resources’ Donations, Sponsorship and Partnership Policy is designed to evaluate requests for financial assistance from non-profit organisations that are recognised as stakeholders in Sandfire activities or that have a purpose closely aligned to Sandfire’s business profile or its activities.

The aim of the policy is to ensure that requests for contributions or assistance from stakeholders and community organisations are processed in a consistent manner across the entire organisation.

Sandfire Resources will consider requests from organisations that demonstrate their activities are:

  • non-profit;
  • support the promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
  • support disadvantaged sections of society;
  • support educational and training programmes;
  • support arts and culture;
  • support environmental and sustainability initiatives; and/or
  • contribute to community based initiatives;

and/or that these activities are:

  • closely aligned with Sandfire’s company activities; and
  • closely aligned with Sandfire’s stakeholders and their activities.

Sandfire Resources will not provide funds to organisations that are:

  • in conflict with our regulatory, licensing, environmental and statutory obligations;
  • in conflict with Sandfire’s stated policies;
  • unlawful organisations; or
  • profit making organisations.

Application Guidelines

All applications are to be in writing and must be accompanied by the Sandfire Resources’ Donations, Sponsorship and Partnership application form. The application form is available for download on the Sandfire Resources website or available from Sandfire's community relations department. Additional information may be supplied in support of applications.

Applications must clearly state the following:

  • the name of the organisation requesting the funds;
  • the organisation ABN or ACN number if applicable;
  • the contact details of the person responsible for making the application; 
  • the purpose for which the funds will be used;
  • the contact details of the person responsible for distribution of the funds;              
  • the person responsible for reporting the benefits and outcomes;   
  • the contribution or support level requested; and
  • how the eligibility criteria is complied with.     

Any approved funds provided must be used for the purpose stated in the application.

All media paraphernalia, pamphlets and advertising that include the Sandfire Resources logo must be approved by Sandfire Resources evaluation committee prior to publication.

The person responsible must provide feedback about the outcomes, benefits and responses to Sandfire Resources within 1 month of disbursement of the funds or within 1 month of the event or function for which the funds were sought.

How to Apply

Download and complete the application form and send it and any accompanying documentation to:

The Community Relations Department
Sandfire Resources NL
PO Box 1495
West Perth WA 6872



Sandfire Resources purchased team uniforms for the Mitakoodi People, who are the recognised Native Title Claim Group in the Cloncurry region where Sandfire has an operating joint venture arrangement as well as exploration tenement holdings. The Mitakoodi People elected to name the mixed aged men’s soccer team the ‘Sandfire Bulls’. The team was highly successful during the local Mount Isa Zone competition and they reached finals before being knocked out in a close match. This sponsorship suitably aligns with Sandfire’s community engagement strategy which promotes healthy lifestyle activities and supports positive community interactions and events. Sandfire looks forward to the ongoing support of events such as this and continuing to foster its strong relationship with the Mitakoodi People.