We understand that a community's acceptance can be withdrawn at any time and we are invested in making a positive impact though our operations and subscribing to a high level of ethics and governance in everything we do.

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Sandfire makes an important contribution to local communities and regional economies by delivering solid financial returns to our shareholders, working with local business in our supply chain and by investing in our community through local employment and organisations.

Our Economic Contribution

We made a positive social-economic contribution to the areas in which we operate though:

  • revenues from sales of our products - $513.2 million;
  • taxes and royalties contributed to the Government and Native Title Claimant Group of the land in which we operate - $54.5 million;
  • community investments and partnerships - $495,000;
  • wages spent on our employees - $46.1 million; and
  • payments to our contractors and suppliers - $272.5 million.

Community Investments and Partnerships

Sandfire Resources' Donations, Sponsorship and Partnership Policy is designed to evaluate requests for financial assistance from non-profit organisations that are recognised as stakeholders in Sandfire activities or that have a purpose closely aligned to Sandfire's business profile or its activities.

The aim of the policy is to ensure that requests for contributions or assistance from stakeholders and community organisations are processed in a consistent manner across the entire organisation.

Sandfire contributes to a wide range of community-based organisations and charities. Sandfire  joined forces with Shooting Stars as a Community Partner early in 2017.  The Partnership assists in funding the employment of a new Shooting Stars Program Coordinator as well as the associated costs of the role including sporting equipment and health and well-being activity costs.  Click here for more information. 

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Indigenous Recognition, Training and Employment

To date, Sandfire has carried out over 75 Aboriginal Heritage surveys on the Company's tenements in the various jurisdictions in which it operates. These surveys are carried out in conjunction with members of the Native Title Claimant Groups, Aboriginal Representative Councils and professional anthropologists and archaeologists.

Land Access Agreements have been negotiated and implemented between Sandfire and two Native Title Claimant Groups at the DeGrussa Copper Mine. While details of these agreements remain confidential, they deliver substantial benefits to members of the Native Title Claimant Groups and surrounding communities.

Sandfire has held numerous Cross Culture Workshops at the Doolgunna Project. 

At 30 June 2017, the Aboriginal workforce was 26 which includes three people directly employed by Sandfire.  This represents 5.7% of our total workforce.  

The Yagahong Alliance contract for the Run of Mine Pad (ROM) Operations and site services began on 1 July 2015.  The Yagahong Alliance is owned 70 per cent by Central Earthmoving and 30 per cent by the Yugunga-Nya People.  The alliance consists currently employees 19 Aboriginal people at the DeGrussa site and it is expected this will reach 48 with the inclusion of the work at Monty.